“Mandy! Honey, hurry up. Everyone’s waiting.”
I glanced at the mirror one last time before covering it with a piece of violet cloth. I looked around the room one last time. There was a part of me that did not want to leave this place, this room. Even though I knew what this place had taken from me.

“Mandy! Sweetie, come on!” my mom called motioning towards the stairs. I reluctantly picked up the bag lying on the bed. I started to walk towards the door before my mother, but when I turned around to take a last glimpse of my room, I saw her looking at the bare place, her eyes mimicking the same look I had. I slowly walked down the stairs. Suddenly my eyes met my father’s pitiful ones. He understood how much excruciating was this pain of leaving this house, this town.


I have lived in this town for as long as I can remember. I loved it here. My time used to pass by playing with my sister Mareen in the green fields that seemed to touch the horizons. We used to watch every sunset together. We used to race towards the fences and then sit there for the stunning sun to set. She was not just my elder sister, but my best friend. Every secret I had was confined in her. I adored this town because all my memories, our memories were made in this very town. But after it took my beloved sister away from me, I loathed this town with every cell of my body.


I got inside the car and diverted my eyes towards the undivided road and wondered what this change would do to me. The sky darkened slowly as the sun was setting to mark the end of the day and hopefully a new beginning for me. I saw the orange rays of the sun reflecting in the sky gracefully. Then I remembered something my sister used to often say. “The rays of sun symbolize compassion.” My sister was very compassionate. A part of me knew it was her looking after me. As I was moving away from the town, visualizing her pretty face smiling at me, I could not help but smile back at her. A silent tear dropped down my puffy cheeks.

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