Apple iPhone 7 Review


The long awaited piece of classy gadget – Apple iPhone 7 finally got launched at San Francisco. Setting a lot of rumors to rest, Apple iPhone 7 has a lot of innovative additions to offer. This gadget has ended the era of 16GB storage which was difficult for users to manage despite high application data. Apple offers the iPhone 7 in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

There isn’t much change brought to the design compared to previous iphone editions. As most of us more or less know about it, the apple iphone 7 does not come with a headphone jack. The jet black model of this is shiny, and applies a total classy look. However, there won’t be a space grey colored i phone this time.

Apple replaced its earphones technology with air pods, which connect as we put them near it. The camera of iPhone 7 is 12MP in back, and the front camera has been upgraded to 7MP bringing the coolest photographs to be clicked. Apple declares that the iPhone 7 battery will last at least an hour longer than the iPhone 6s’.  

The apple iPhone started shipping from September 16th, 2016.

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