Importance of Learning the History of Bangladesh


History itself is a subject which is frowned upon by many. While to most people it may seem to be an uninteresting and pointless subject, in reality, learning History is actually very important. It helps us understand how we, as humans, have advanced and how people who were once powerless gained dominance. The most crucial aspect of history is to learn about the history of our own country.

Why learn about the history of our own country?

This will not only offer a sense of identity to us, but it will furthermore help us to grow a feeling of love and pride for our country and help us to learn from the past. It will make us motivated to love and work hard for our county as well. Moreover, the past that helped shape up our country, Bangladesh, is so rich, that it would be a waste not to learn about it.

Unfolding the Past

Bangladesh was originally a part of East Pakistan. The West Pakistanis had always neglected the people of East Pakistan and never gave them the rights they deserved. When it was declared that Urdu would be the national language of the East Pakistanis, the Bengalis’ feelings of nationalism were hurt. When objections were made, many opposing youngsters were brutally murdered. This fired the spirits of the Bengalis even more and resulted in our Language Movement of 1952. It also planted the seeds of the beginning of the Liberation War of 1971. Without knowing anything about these events and the people who gave up their lives for this country, we would never be able to know the truth about our origin and the sacrifice of the martyrs.

Another thing that we learn by studying the history of our country is appreciating and loving our country more.  When East Pakistan revolted against West Pakistan, they had no weapons, and the West Pakistanis had more power. Yet the East Pakistanis still pushed on, refusing to give up. They fought their hardest just for the sake of their mother tongue, and later for the sake of their freedom. They did all this solely because they loved their country. Hearing the stories of those before us can inspire us to take action in our own lives. By learning how hard our ancestors worked for the sake of this country, we get motivated to work hard for the sake of this nation and we start to love this country more as well.

We not only learn from the things that our ancestors did right, we can also learn from the things that they did wrong. No matter what era, humans are humans, and all humans make mistakes. By studying the mistakes of the individuals of the past, we will be able to make sure not to repeat these mistakes and instead search for different methods of coping with them. From our country’s history, we can learn from the traitors that even if the odds of winning something is not in our favor, we should never dismiss what is right and side with those who have wronged others because by doing so we are only harming ourselves.

Learning the history of our country is essential if we want to grow as human beings. It is, after all, a giant story which eventually leads up to us. It tells us about the people who lived years before us. They are the reason why we are able to speak in our mother tongue and live freely. By learning about them, we get to realize the sacrifice they had made for our country. We get to learn from their mistakes, the examples that they set for us and be inspired to work hard for our country.

Like Cicero once said, “To know nothing of what happened before you were born is to remain a child.”

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