If I Could!


If I could feel your presence again,
I would think of nothing
And shout out your name.
If I could get a glance at you again,
I would treasure the moment
Even if it lasted for a second.
If I could see you,
Even from thousand of miles away
I would rush towards you
Without being anxious or tensed.
If I could hold your hands once again,
I would hold them for ever.
If I could be with you again
I would stop the time for eternity.
I regret for the time when you were here,
And I couldn’t do all the “I could(s)”!
I wish I could revive the time
And do everything I should’ve done!
I wish I could show you myself.
What an empty shell I’ve become,
Just because I let you leave!
The scar that was engraved by your leaving,
Will it heal if you forgive me?
But how am I supposed to seek for forgiveness
When you’re nowhere to be seen?
Will you forgive me
If I just keep you in my heart
And wait for you?
Will you forgive me and come to me again?

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I am a college student. I don't have many things to describe about myself. But some things I can say that i am enthusiast about learning things and doing different kind of works. Even though I've failed many times I still like to try to do something new. And I hope to find more about myself.