I’ll not Die till I Die


Leaving behind the aghast soul of mine
I search for myself.
End up running inside an enigmatic maze
I feel so restless.

Lying on the couch,
Lifting my hand towards the sky
I close my eyes slowly,
And think of dreaming again.
I try so hard to open my eyes,
Wake up and lift my body
And run faster,
Leaving behind everybody.
‘Cause I don’t want to die;
I don’t want to die till I die.

Nothing is right, nothing is perfect.
Under this beautiful sky,
I try my best to breathe.
Yet I feel so suffocated.
I fear the height.
Of the dreams I dream to fulfill.
The dreams that provide me oxygen
I fear those dreams of mine.

But I’m hell-bent
To get up and run.
Run towards the sunset
Even when it’s raining.
So I get up and start to run and fly
‘Cause I’ll not die till I die…

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I am a college student. I don't have many things to describe about myself. But some things I can say that i am enthusiast about learning things and doing different kind of works. Even though I've failed many times I still like to try to do something new. And I hope to find more about myself.