Peace: A Reality or a Mirage?


Are human beings capable of living in peace? If I have to answer this question in one word, I’d have to say no, human beings cannot live in peace. We love chaos. We love to live in pandemonium. We find it even in the calmest of places. It’s a trait that is common to majority of the population. Why is it that we find it so hard to find inner peace? We don’t have to look far to answer that question. Why don’t we just take a minute to think about it? In this world of constant struggle, unhealthy competition and greed to rise to the top, even a person who is mellow and laid back is bound to get worked up. We can never be contented with what we have. It’s against our nature. We always feel need to have more. Whether it’s a new phone that came out a week ago, a new dress that you don’t need, a new degree, a new accomplishment- we just want it all. And it’s all right till it gets to the point of being irrational, when we lose our sleep because we cannot deal with the fact that it’s okay to not have everything. It’s not just because of our nature; this has been imposed upon us since birth.

If we look at a broader perspective and think about world peace, which in general means an ideal state of freedom, peace and happiness among all states. So if a country is not at war with another county, can it be said that the people of that country live in peace? The constant bombings in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, shootings in Istanbul, Brussels, Paris, Dhaka and many more — tell us a different story.  At this time and age, I think we need to seriously think about the definition of peace. Even if there are no countries which are officially at war with each other, we can all see the lack of tolerance  among them. We are losing precious lives from starvation, terrorist attacks, bombings for no good reason; the socio economic and environmental issues are taking a drastic turn. Moreover, a new kind of terrorism is rising up that is shaking the world to its very core. No matter how much we try to make sense of it, there’s no denial that we are terrified.

In this world of perpetual violence and intolerance, our role as inhabitants of the earth comes into action more than ever. We need to work as individuals at our level best to make this world a better place. It is unrealistic of us to think that our small contribution will have any permanent effect on this world. But more often than not, it does. Our smallest peace offering can bring a change in someone’s life. I think our biggest problem is to think that our actions don’t matter. And maybe in a bigger sense of things, they actually don’t. But the thing is — they don’t have to in order for us to make this world a better place.

We have turned into such bitter human beings that we deny to see the beauty in being simply nice to people. We forget our values and duties towards our country and society. We need to get off our seats and take control over our actions. Embrace people because we never know what wonders a simple gesture of ours can do. We need to stop feeling so helpless and take this world head on, because it’s the best any of us can do right now.

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