Shutter Island


Shutter Island is a psychological thriller film adapted from the novel “Shutter Island” by Dennis Lehane. This movie was released in February 2010 and is based on one of the most fascinating stories ever written.

The story takes place in 1954. Edward “Teddy” Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his new partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are US Marshals who set off on a mission to uncover the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Solando from Ashecliffe hospital located in Shutter Island, Boston Harbor. It is in a remote area surrounded by a river. Ashecliffe is an asylum where mentally disturbed criminals or in other words, psychopaths are treated. Rachel disappeared from her locked cell without any trace and with the storm raging outside, it was even difficult to search for her whereabouts. Rachel was brought to the island after she drowned her three kids and is considered very dangerous.

During the investigation Dr. John Cawley’s (Ben Kingsley) behaviour is mysterious as he shows little interest in the case. He is the lead psychiatrist of Ashecliffe. The detectives get to know that Dr. Cawley let Dr. Lester Sheehan, in charge of Rachel’s treatment, go on a vacation right after she escaped. Teddy and Chuck stay in the asylum due to the storm. Soon Teddy starts to have hallucinations and nightmares about his late wife, Dolores Chanal (Michelle Williams) who died in a fire set by a man named Andrew Laeddis.  As the story continues Teddy confides in his partner that he has reason to believe that Andrew Laeddis is kept in this facility.  He begins to speculate that unspeakable things happen in this facility when he discovers a note in Rachel’s cell which read “The law of 4. Who is 67?” when according to Dr. Cawley’s calculation the asylum only houses 66 patients. In order to uncover the truth Teddy must face his fears.

Throughout the film you will sit in fear, anticipation and excitement about what comes next. If you are a Dicaprio fan, you will definitely enjoy his acting.  Ben Kingsley also did a very good job in portraying the character of Dr. Cawley. The director, Martin Scorsese’s work is commendable as he managed to display such a complex story in an effortless manner.

I would recommend everyone to watch this movie at least once especially people who love mysterious thrillers. It will glue you to your place for two and half hours and at the end will leave you wondering. The ending is shocking and not at all predictable. You might need to watch it again to believe how convincingly deceptive the movie was.

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