The YouTube Baker


Her entire world paused when the buffering image started circling on her phone screen. Wi-Fi had died; it was time to switch on mobile data. This recipe couldn’t wait any longer. “10 minute brownies” the title read. She had already spent about 40 but didn’t have a clue. The war would soon be over.

She followed the rest of the instructions of the monumental male figure on the screen to-the-T. She had stopped trusting skinny people on cooking shows. Clearly, this guy was eating what he was making. She carefully dropped all her batter on the baking tray before setting it down in the oven. It was then time to clean up and keep replaying the same video posted by the trustworthy plump man until the oven would go off. In her head, she pictured her beloved brownie coming out just like the one in the video. “Yum!” went on the guy with crumbs sticking by the side of his lips. “Yum!” she repeated.

The smell of chocolate filled the kitchen and dining area when she had about 5 minutes left on the clock. This was going to be a good one! Her attempts to see past the blinding sticker shades on the oven window were very amusing to observe, her brother pointed out. She didn’t mind. All that mockery would end once she’ll be flamboyantly resting the tray full of freshly baked brownies on her hands. She licked the bowl clean where the batter had been before tossing it into the sink. She had thrown away enough. Nothing is to be left for the ants to visit, not this time. She started licking the spatula too. The oven went out with a “TING!”

The brownie revealed itself. It was just a little shy at first but then it emerged standing tall in her grasp. She let it cool. A bit too crumbly, but yes, it was her first standing brownie. Her first three had collapsed the moment they made their way out of the oven, but this one was a true warrior.

Her brother baked a few times with shockingly great results. She stalked his YouTube history page and found this video. Cooling off the brownie tray, she noticed him pass by twice looking suspicious of her. She kept waving the knife for good effect before diving into the pan. She placed the carefully cut pieces of her masterpiece at the center of the table to draw her family in for a bite.

“No glaze?” “Why is it so flaky?” “No, thanks — this piece has done enough damage to my taste buds” the mockery kept on coming while she stood tall by her masterpiece. She took her first bite once her brother stepped back into his own room. It was the best specimen that she had produced on the table so far. The sibling rivalry would never end, but she knew people would pay for a piece of her brownies one day. She would have the last laugh.

She took the tray back on her hands and moved into her room. The stunning food shots of the brownies made their way to her Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The brownies were a hit! They were liked, wowed and loved by her friends before making their way into the dumpster.

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