The Pet Connection


It was love at first sight. Suneel saw her picture on his Facebook homepage and knew she was the one. She resembled Snowy in ways he couldn’t explain. He knew it was going to be tough now that he has moved into a rented apartment, but he wouldn’t go down without a fight. He picked up his phone and dialed the number on the pet adoption post.

Suneel was friends with the landlord’s son and thought of starting the conversation with him. Misha was sure that his father will never let anyone keep pets in his building, but promised he will try to fix it. A week later Poppy came into their lives, waving away her tail and barking at every new face that came to meet her. The landlord was clearly unimpressed; he was ready for one small mishap and the dog would be thrown out.

It was during Misha’s elder sister’s wedding when it happened. Poppy’s barking woke Suneel up; she was facing the door out. After multiple attempts of calming her down, Suneel gave up and shackled her collar for a quick stroll outside. But poppy wasn’t taking the stairs down, she was running upstairs instead. Suneel knew that something must have been bothering his pup, so he let her take the lead. Poppy stood barking at the landlord’s door as Suneel tried to calm her down and take her back in the apartment before everyone woke up. It was too late, the landlord was awake and opening the door, ready to pounce at Poppy. To his dismay, Poppy ran straight in as soon as the door was opened and started barking at the dark kitchen. That’s when Suneel saw them.

Two goons came into the building aiming to loot the bridal home late at night and were caught and bitten by Poppy. Suneel couldn’t get any luckier than this. Realizing the potential danger that might have occurred had Poppy not identified the goons, Misha and his family were thankful to Suneel. And Suneel was thankful to the previous owner who trained Poppy well. He decided to share the story with her.

Golpo, the previous owner had never met Suneel. She had sent Poppy through a friend to Suneel and was pleasantly surprised to hear from him. She wanted to meet Poppy and Suneel was very considerate. They met over coffee which followed up with a long drive with Poppy by their sides. By the end of the evening, Golpo was sure that she wanted to have Poppy back. She never wanted to give her up at the first place, but now she had ways to deal with that and bring Poppy back home with her.

Suneel offered cash in exchange of ownership cried out loud calling it unfair, but Golpo was determined. Suneel couldn’t believe his luck! “Why did you give her up in the first place?” he asked. She didn’t reply, didn’t need to. She was still Poppy’s owner and would not give any explanations for wanting her back. Suneel proposed what he thought would be a fair deal; whomever Poppy would respond to would get to keep her. They placed her in front of the garage and spread apart in two sides before calling out her name. Poppy moved straight out and found herself in Misha’s embrace at the staircase. “My human!” whispered Poppy.

All others heard were barks.

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