The Everlasting Wail


This poem is based on a true story.

Said Atiq, “Oh captain, there’s a hole in the sailboat!”
But the captain didn’t care and set out to sail.
Afra was anxious, so was Atiq
And this is the tale of the everlasting wail.

Tides shook the sailboat, made everyone panic;
Atiq’s dreams of taking his girlfriend home was in verge of being destroyed.
Water level reached Afra’s knees,
As the evil tides turned more overjoyed.

The boat was capsized; everyone fell on the cold water
Except for Afra, everyone could swim.
Atiq carried her to near seashore,
Worried for her life, thus his awaited dream

While carrying her, the water got inside her body
Which is the reason for her tragic death
Atiq didn’t lose hope, kept pushing against her chest
Because he wouldn’t believe at all that Afra was out of breath.

That lachrymose tale could have been the end
But on that day Atiq lost himself, not only lost more than a friend.

Every day he wakes up and cries a river
His eyes are cerise and his body is pale
He doesn’t talk to anyone, his life is ruined
And he continues to run his everlasting wail.

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Rafeed Elahi is a football lover, a movie adherent, and a writer by passion.