The Pleasure of Walking


Nowadays most of the people have forgotten the necessity of walking. Let’s not talk about the necessities of walking, let’s talk about the pleasure of walking. Walking is simply not an exercise but can also be considered a source of pleasure.

Try to think carefully. Have you ever looked around the environment while walking on the road? Has it ever occurred to you if there’s anything deeper hidden in the coal of the roads than they seem? We have become quite busy. Motion is our only way to reach the goal. We don’t get enough time to look around while walking. We need to save our life instead of looking around a mere road. But sometimes we should look just to give ourselves a break from this tiresome life.

I was talking about the pleasure of walking. If a person regularly walks through the same path while looking around him, he will notice a very splendid thing. He will notice the changes occurring everyday in the nature. Slowly like a baby takes its each step, or melodiously like a musician playing his violin for his love, or beautifully like every girl grows up — the nature changes like this, slowly, melodiously and beautifully.

If a person walks alone in a road in the night, under the moon or the stars, he will be able to organize most of his thoughts. Long roads are far better. They give you enough time to think. Walking alone on a long road can change your perspective of life.

While you walk on a road during the rain time, you will see the purity of nature. Roads get soaked and they wash all their dirt and say, “look at me, walk on me but don’t hurt me. Start again after losing but don’t stop walking on me”.

Have you looked at the roadside families, the people we call beggars? They are different. They have different way of life, different thoughts, and different kind of beauty. It’s true that they hardly can live everyday. But you can feel simple happiness if you watch them eating or laughing. When I used to go home from school by foot, I used to see a mother and her son. It used to be the noon time and the boy used to have his lunch. They used to talk. He boy mostly did the talking and the mother used to hear him cautiously and proudly. She’d tell him to eat more and then smile. You can’t see this everywhere. It’s really satisfying for people who don’t get to spend enough time with their parents. Sometimes you can see someone feeding a dog while she herself is still hungry. You can see the smile of a small child who could sell his first item of the day. That time the satisfaction glows brightly on his face.

If you notice carefully you’ll see people and you’ll feel as if you’re watching a movie. The emotions are clear and the feelings may seem blur. But you can feel every feeling hidden beneath the charcoal and you can see every emotion. That’s how pleasuring walking is! Let’s start walking for pleasure sometimes!

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