Nine Facts for the Laymen

  1. There are more than a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Each of them consists of more than trillions of stars in it. Our Sun weighs about more than a million million million tons. It only holds up two percent of its mass.
  2. The speed of light is about three hundred thousand kilos a second. Light can’t always travel via vacuum. In water, e.g.  photons travel at three quarters that speed. Some particles in nuclear reactors can travel at very high speeds. It is said that if they are traveling through an insulating medium that slows light down, those particles can travel faster than light. The Cherenkov radiation takes place when it happens. It causes a blue glow. This is why nuclear reactors glow in the dark. The slowest recorded speed of light was seventeen meters an hour.
  3. Memories can be passed down DNA. It can be done as memories pass down to later generations via genetic switches that allow offspring to feel vibes of their ancestors. This explains why some people suffer from phobias; it may be based on their ancestor’s experiences.
  4. If we had to describe Pink Floyd’s album – the dark side of the moon in one word, it would be turquoise. The dark side of the moon is not the same as the far side, which gets as much sunlight as the side facing us. The dark side is not lit directly by sunlight, but by light reflected from Earth. It is much fainter, and best seen around the time of the new moon.
  5. Recent studies show that most of the people are more likely to remember Facebook posts than lines from a favorite book of theirs.
  6. Without even having a sip of it, for most people, the smell of coffee can reduce stress and anxiety.
  7. Dogs laugh a lot. It’s difficult to discover it as we think that they are panting in majority of time.
  8. Who hasn’t looked up at the sky and seen some white dots floating around? The truth is, that they are our own white blood cells in reality. Yes!

9. Having a crush over someone can alter your brain chemistry over two years!