Finding True Love


She was getting married after a week. Her happiness should know no bounds. Sierra should be busy shopping, organizing her jewellery, planning her look and making a check-list of things needed to be done before her big day. Instead, she sat on her bed contemplating her future.

She had met her would-be husband three times. To Sierra he was a good looking man. Not the typical definition of handsome though. He was not very tall, only a few inches taller than her.  He was fair and chubby. His beard was neatly trimmed which complimented his face shape perfectly. It was mesmerizing when he laughed. She smiled to herself as she thought of him.  

What will life be like with this man whom she only knew for a couple of days? Yes, he was very charming but that does not guarantee a healthy relationship, does it? Will she regret her decision of an arranged marriage? Sierra had known couples who dated for years only to get divorced after a year. Her cousin got married to a guy chosen by her family, only to find out that he was an abusive drunkard. On the contrary, many of her friends are happily married to their college sweethearts. She thought of her own parents. They spent 30 years together even if their first interaction was on their wedding night. But were they forced to love each other because of societal pressure? Were there nights when her mother cried to sleep thinking she could have found a better man?  All these thoughts troubled Sierra very much.

Finally the night of her wedding arrived. It was a simple ceremony comprising of friends and family. Sierra put on her customary wedding smile throughout the event. Rehan, her husband was also beaming as guests got up on the stage to congratulate them. After a very emotional and teary farewell the couple took off for the groom’s house.

They spent the entire night talking to each other, conversing about their fears and passions, the goals they set when they were teenagers and how much were they able to achieve. Rehan was an attentive listener. With every passing hour Sierra began to like him a little bit more. A month passed by as they attended parties thrown by their relatives to welcome the new bride and groom.

Sierra comes back from work a few hours earlier than her husband. Whenever Rehan returns home he brings little sweet treats for her because he knows they are her favourite. Chocolate mousse, red velvet cupcake, a slice of lemon cheesecake and if not any fancy dessert, he brings her a small bar of white chocolate which she adores.

“Rehan, you do not need to buy things for me every day. My clothes already don’t fit because of the numerous invitations.” said Sierra. Rehan looked into her eyes. “When you open the box and see your favourite dessert, your eyes light up with ecstasy and at that moment you look like the most beautiful woman I have ever put my eyes on.”

Sierra thought her husband was a serious kind of person who liked to stay busy with work. It was nice to know this romantic side of him. She smiled and hugged him. “The love of my life you are” said Rehan as he kissed her forehead.

Something else which made Sierra’s heart melt for Rehan was how he interacted with her family. In a stereotypical society, it is always the women folk who have to try their best to impress her in-laws. Rehan on the other hand called his in-laws every two days to check if they are alright or if they need something. He buys presents for Sierra’s younger sister and leaves no effort in surprising them with a cake and a bouquet of flowers at midnight on their birthdays or her parents’ anniversaries.

After about a couple of months later Sierra truly fell for her husband. After a really tiring and rough day she would come home and cook Rehan’s favourite chicken curry. All her exhaustion would vanish when they sat at the dinner table together and Rehan would kiss her hand appreciating her effort. A day when everything fell apart, coming back home and talking to Rehan would cheer her up.

Likewise, they had their downs. Rehan was short tempered and often times they fought. But they never went to bed before sorting out their differences even if it meant staying up till 3 am. This was what made their relationship strong. For them love was not only about fancy dates and “cool” surprises.  Love was in the little things they did every day. Love was when Rehan made sure she got a slice of cake, well actually a few slices of cake at a party. Love was when Sierra wore a specific shade of lipstick which he loved on her.

4 years later..

Sierra was standing outside the bedroom door clutching the warm milk bottle as she watched Rehan changing their daughter’s diaper. She knew she had found her true love.

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