Worlds Within a World


A girl living beside the road loved to watch those air-conditioned cars and loved more to watch the people riding those cars. She had these big eyes full of amazement. She used to work harder. Because everyday she dreamed of riding one of those cars. She used to stand still whenever a car passed her workplace. She used to think, “How does it feel to ride those cars? Can I go anywhere riding those? They have everything.”

A boy used to transport by cars. He had never ridden a rickshaw or motorbike because of the “unsecured roads”. So whenever he went out he used to look outside. He’d see the deep blue sky playing hide and seek with the clouds. He’d see the vehicles running with the time towards the destination. He’d see people. But the thing he loved to watch was those little boys and girls playing and enjoying the moment. They looked happy, careless and free from every kind of stress. He used to think, “They have everything.”

She was riding a bus. She wanted to ride cycle or scooter but she couldn’t. Just because she was a girl. Her parents were worried about her safety. How wonderful! Some guy touched her body. She looked at him with an angry look but didn’t say anything. Her safety was surely ensured. She thought, “I wish I could go by myself. If I could get permission! Those who can go anywhere by themselves independently are the ones who have everything.”

He didn’t know how beautiful the park beside their house was! He was not permitted to go outside except his school and academies. He was chained by his own talent. His parents told him if he had wasted the time he would never be able to succeed in life. They told him that he could easily get a good job because of his talent and if he could get a good job then the world would be in his hands. He used to think, “How does the outside world look? Is the sky really beautiful? Is the pond beside the park really deep? What about the people out there? They must be happy as they can see the world! They have everything!”

They all have their own stories and they all have their own problems, faults and shackles. They are bound by the people around them and their perspectives. They think hard, dream hard and work hard. They just want to take a glance at their dream. No matter how small their dream seem, they all have their own meaning and beauty respectively. So they created their own world, centering their very own precious dreams. They made some people and wrote their stories. They just wanted to ensure that they were living and they’d do anything if they had chance. They wanted to ensure that they still have time to live their dreams. That’s how their worlds were. That’s how they made their own worlds in this world. Even though there is only one earth in this solar system, revolves around it millions of different other earths centering every people and their dreams.

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