The Escapist


I kept counting every morning after waking up
That you were the one I dream about.
Every single day, and every single night
And I wish you read my thoughts out loud.

As I felt my nose against your ears while I whispered
I found love, and smelled your hair;
But when these moments turned lucid and I realized it’s a dream
It all turned into a massive nightmare.

One night I didn’t dream about you
So I felt like the clouds fell down on my head.
I woke up disappointed in my so called destiny
And wished if you weren’t okay, I’d rather be dead.

After meeting you I wish to tell you about those dreams
But then I laugh at myself for not being realistic.
When you ask me why I’m laughing
I say it’s nothing, and again your face turns floristic.

Between these cheesy thoughts and dreamy nights
I feel like Shahrukh Khan when you say you like my playlists.
Without figuring out how to tell you about my feelings,
It’s better to kiss you everyday, while being a escapist.