Where Is The Difference?


People like to blame others for their own mistakes, and most of the times they do it inadvertently. It’s a natural human characteristic. Day by day the fact was becoming clearer to Von.

From the day he started to understand his surroundings, everything he was taught in his childhood seemed like a lie. He became frustrated because he couldn’t understand what is right and what is wrong. But he knew one thing for sure that he must never let his conscience die. But with a depressed and aghast soul and mind, he became confused.

Later when I met him I asked him how it feels to be the student of one of the greatest and highest academic institutions of the country. He groaned and answered, “I feel nothing. Everything is the same. The teachers, the environment…. Everything. Nothing has changed. I don’t know if I sound like I’m unsatisfied or ungrateful but I never felt anything about studying in one of the best high schools.”

I was surprised. Many students of our country dream of going to that school. And here he was saying it’s nothing great. Unbelievable.

I became curious. So I asked, “Why? I heard that it has more facilities than any other schools of our country. It is the school of chances.”

He replied, “Have you never heard that you should not judge a book by its cover? Our school is like that. I completely agree with the fact that this school provides many facilities. But what about other things? Teachers only think about CGPA. Students are always pressurized and criticized. They can’t even choose what they should study. It’s hard to find teachers who encourage, who teach with fun, who think that each and every student is equally talented.

You know high school is a period of your life when you can feel the most unexpected feelings and most unexpected things can occur. At this time students need to know that no matter what, they have someone beside them. We have teachers who encourage us to compete in different competitions. And it’s quite good. It is praiseworthy. But it is also hard to find a teacher at the time of learning. By learning I mean real learning.

You know that most of the parents of our country are unable to give proper time to their children. Even though it seems nothing but their business can lead us to great despair. Again when parents go totally against our dreams and we become clueless of what to do, we find no one besides us. In this time what our teachers do? They criticize us for not doing well in the exams and compare us with the good students. They even tell us that we are not capable. They don’t even ask what happened, if we need any help, if we are going through any hardships. How can they not understand that depression is more dangerous than it seems? Most of the students commit suicide because of depression. They can’t even imagine how a simple hateful or wrong word can ruin a student’s life. Of course they will tell us when we are wrong but that doesn’t mean that they will make us believe by their words (whether it’s direct or indirect indication) that our existence is the thing that is wrong.  

They always say they know what their students are. But they barely recognize their talents. Obviously a teacher’s job is not a game.

It is easy to criticize the people. But when I think about it, I realize that  a person who is willing to do his job would never do anything that  would mentally hurt another person.

It’s not like I am complaining about our teachers. There are some really good teachers who work hard night and day to give us proper lessons. But I am saying that even though I study in a  great school, I do not find the thing I was searching for. I do not find the answers I’ve been looking for.

Even the teachers who hold the most important position don’t act as they say. Everyone including teachers say that becoming a good person is the first thing one should learn. But in the end everyone cares about their exterior.  

I thought he was just saying things because he was maybe tired. But after some time when I stood in his place I realized that he didn’t say those things out of anger  or resentment. His words were true; nothing changes. Only the people change but their thoughts remain the same.

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