How to Deal with The Screenshot Game


Recently the screenshot game has been very popular amongst us, especially in Facebook. With some of us have quite an outstanding knack in this game; it leads to many swords being crossed since none can clap with one hand. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, it’s the game where you screenshot somebody’s flawed statements and send them to other people to spread the word down the grapevine. The one whose messages were screenshot may not know about this at times, as the party sending screenshots to his/her friends are enjoying the day having a good laugh about it. The screenshot game is also played between close friends intending a pun which may not be that serious. However, below mentioned are a few points that might help you with dealing with the screenshot game, or what some of us might refer to in Bangla as, ‘Gutibaji.’

Observe weird changes in topic
If you are chatting with someone, and witness them changing the topic, think before replying. If they pop up with irrelevant questions out of the blue that may, at most times, consider your point of view, he/she could be playing the game. For example, you said something five months three weeks and two days ago, and someone wants to hear again what you said, this might be it.

Observe pauses during the chat session
After you see someone reading your messages you sent them, and replying a little bit later (which you can check from tapping on the blue chat callouts in messenger), you might be played. One might read your message at 10:31 and reply at 10:33, that means either the receiver is nervous about what to write, or you are involved in the screenshot game.

Try making a conversation using Snapchat
In Snapchat, if you screenshot some message, you are immediately notified about the person screenshotting your messages. While many don’t know the trick of avoiding the notification not appearing (I won’t tell you how to do it), it’s comparatively safer for you to chat using Snapchat.

Don’t say what you can’t take back
Make sure you believe in what you are specifying about in the chat. Don’t say anything you wish you could take back. Be confident about the fact that your beliefs stand strong from your views and you will repeat the same statements repeatedly.

Have payback materials
If you noticed any of the behaviors mentioned above, and doubt the person is screenshotting your stuff, somehow manipulate him/her in saying something stupid. In case if you find out yourself turning infamous because of your messages, reveal your opposition party’s screenshots, though it’s safer to take screenshots of chats with person you don’t trust.  

I guess those were quite the strong tips of how to deal with the screenshot game. Dedicated to people who are social media celebrities with help of screenshots nowadays, I have a few points to talk about.

Do you realize that as you are screenshotting somebody else’s flawed conversations, and posting them on Facebook typing a long status about how the other party is, you are being referred to as a source of entertainment? If you want to be an entertainer who is publicizing people’s flaws, please join the horrid squad of those journalists who recently seem to carry out invalid logics, e.g. the victim was also a criminal because he lived in a country same as the criminal’s bag company being manufactured. Yes you know what I’m talking about.

For those who are posting screenshots of chat logs on Facebook about how a girl got a gift from her boyfriend and her so called best friends stole it, this is pathetic guys. No one wants to know about your personal life. If someone is committing a crime you can term as an offence that needs to be taken into consideration quick, let your close friends, parents, or the police know about it. There was this huge fight going on between two girls which received hundreds of likes and comments, and the fight was about a picture of Kylie Jenner Lip kit merchandise. You think posting screenshots about your life is going to convince people to take a stand against that, trust me, as long as it is about your stupid Kylie Jenner lip kit or boyfriend’s dress, or homogenous reasons, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN.

For those who are pissed off at me right now for not considering that fact about their mission statement, “You know my name not my story. It’s my life, my rules”, listen, I agree this is your life. But just think for once, are you proud of the fame you earned by posting about screenshots about your catfight quarrel? If you are not, then from next time, be careful. If you are, then enjoy being the infamous gutibaj of your surroundings.

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