It’s a “Celebrity” Thing


Yes, Brad Pitt can be dumped and Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston can be cheated on. Just when your faith in love/marriage is about to topple, you realize, they are only human. The everyday human things we do seem to make headlines when celebrities are seen doing it. So basically, if you’re a celebrity, you aren’t human. Here’s a list of celebrity news that I have come across lately which are completely out of this world because the tabloids said so.

Pranking a friend out on the street: Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted scaring the lungs out of his dear friend and Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill by posing as a mad fan trying to take pictures of him in the street. Classic prank to play on your pal, right? No. This was a headline worthy prank because millions of internet users across the world viewed the prank taking place turning one lucky guy into a very rich paparazzi. Celebrity pranks are clearly not your regular human pranks, they are extraordinary!

Raising social awareness: It doesn’t matter how many humans may be working for development foundation or NGOs, it’s the celebrities appearing in videos saving the day. Any basic message needs to come through a celebrity to make any sense. Captain Planet could never accomplish what the Hollywood stars are doing. Even Mina was pulled off and replaced by celebrities appearing on hand wash and sanitation ads. Because when celebrities clean their hands with hand wash, they are social leaders who are out of this world!

Getting hooked: Regardless of the umpteenth time a celebrity starts dating or gets married, it needs to be on the papers for everyone’s knowledge. Like you never know if the admission tests end up capturing this question under the current affairs general knowledge section! When humans get married, that’s the way of life. When celebrities do the same, it’s a superpower.

Having a baby: Be it Tahsan-Mithila or Saif- Kareena, when you are a celebrity couple welcoming a baby, you are giving birth to a legend! The circumference of the baby bump, the first day of birth pictures, public polls opining which parents the child has took after, baby products they should start branding – you name it and humans want to discuss it. It’s such a big deal that it’s almost like aliens are being born!

Exercising voting rights: I recently saw a video on the upcoming US Presidential Elections that featured a lot of Hollywood celebrities asking the US citizens for showing up to vote. They mentioned lots of celebrities (including themselves) who will be voting too. Wow!! Celebrities voting for the next US President all by themselves and the humans get to see it, first hand! That’s the coolest thing ever for celebrities to do.

Shoplifting: Having enough money or not has never been an issue with the shoplifters; it’s more of a habit than a choice. And yes, plenty of celebrities have it too. The tabloids never fail to report in Lindsay Lohan’s daily shopping routine and we all know why. National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) based in USA claims there are approximately 27 million shoplifters in USA today. So that’s 1 shoplifter in every 11 US citizens! And all we get too see are celebrities in cuffs. You see, humans may shoplift, but celebrities do it in style and become even more famous!

Pursuing a hobby: Salman Khan’s art sells for thousands of dollars. My cat draws on sand better. But you see, when celebrities have an artistic hobby, they do it for a price, because humans are willing to pay it. It’s a celebrity thing!

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