Glass Wall


We are separated by the wall made of glass;
Everything can be seen and shown but
Nothing can be felt nor touched.
We can’t break this wall.
The wall might get broken;
We might get hurt…

I can see myself in the teardrops,
You try so hard to hide.
I can feel the pain,
You hide behind those glasses;
I can feel the resentment in the words,
You say with a smile.
You are like the light of
This dark life I lead;
But I can’t seem to see you…..

What do I do?
Whichever road I take,
I end up missing you
I end up losing you.
It’s getting harder day by day

And I keep asking myself
What do I do?
Life became confusing;
It became beautifully confusing.
Which road should be taken?
The one leads to you
Or the one that’s for you?

I feel helpless,
Behind this glass wall.
What do I do?
When everything can be shown and seen
But I can’t do anything…..

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I am a college student. I don't have many things to describe about myself. But some things I can say that i am enthusiast about learning things and doing different kind of works. Even though I've failed many times I still like to try to do something new. And I hope to find more about myself.