Nothing Is Funnier Than Unhappiness


Happiness is something that is subjective in its form and manifestation. Because life, as we can bluntly put it, is a journey more than a destination and the diverse human mind is dealt with many instances of what it deems to be glee or somber along that journey. If life was a destination, and every form of life was heading towards a desirable end, we would fundamentally besmirch the assortment of miscellany towards approaching life, truly rich and fascinating. But, now, life is mortal; it ends in nothing but death, and the expedition is all that matters. At least, that is all that should matter anyway, because as I am typing this essay out, I am stepping closer to death with each letter. Learning to enjoy life the way you want, taking the initiative to appreciate the uniqueness in things should become the way of living for even realists, and not just people who philosophize a lot. What I have inferred from the modernist playwright, Samuel Beckett’s quote in the ‘End Game’, is to not interpret any conventional tragedies as saddening. It could also suggest that any sorrowful situation can be counteracted through humor.

This is never to suggest that mourning or being depressed is a sign of the weak or the whiny. Well not always at least. But sadness and melancholy should be treated as a state of mind, not as a crippling disease. Even if you have clinical depression or any other psychological disorder, there is medication and help for it. And asking for that help is what’s important. Depression should never strip us off the inherent drive to live, in true sense of the term. It seems as if nihilism and disinterest towards life has become a way of belonging in the social media community nowadays. Romanticizing depression and sorrow is bad enough even when it is done remotely within exclusive parties. But what’s alarming is the sheer superficiality associated with it; the toxicity evident in its perpetuation.

Life should have a tone of clairvoyance to it instead of the continuous struggle to adhere to a certain set of rules and regulations. You should not follow the stereotypical conventions of the society, lead your life trying to fulfill the expectations of the aunty community, mirror the cool trends you see on social media or abuse your freedom through recklessness. Craziness and quirkiness or the exact opposite isn’t wrong as long as you don’t strive to achieve these traits just for the sake of doing so.

Contemplating about these things and reflecting on life sometimes leaves me dumbfounded. Every day I see men and myself in the portrayal of our pitiful but gallant efforts to conquer the essence of time and the secret of existence. But while doing so, we forget that discovery and desire don’t go hand in hand. To discern the true meaning of life and unleash the true form of happiness, we must let go of our unending wants that blind our vision off the little girl riding a bicycle trying to catch butterflies, vacate our conscience off sacrificing the short term for the long term good of mankind and mute our voice of speaking against what we know is outright injustice. And we must believe, that all of this isn’t necessarily denunciation of the physical world and the pragmatic universe, but is by actually accepting its inner workings.