How to Break a Heart


I wasn’t expecting her. I wasn’t expecting her to show up with that alluring face of her and a greeting hug. They say, that poison becomes more poisonous as days pass by. Just like that, she turns more attractive to me as days pass by. But I would never forgive her for breaking my heart.

3 months ago                                                                                                 

Oscar Wilde, a famous writer once said that “The heart was made to be broken.” I’m not Oscar Wilde, but I know this much that except a counted few, every heart is broken at least once. That can be because of career hardships, quarrels, or most importantly, because of love. No love is perfect. Just like being a successful entrepreneur means going through struggles, love means going through heartbreaks — some or someday. Let me tell you the story of how I went through it. Or if I could put it into a proper term, let me teach you about how to break a heart.

“Love is all about guts. If you have it, you fight with the world. If you don’t, you fight with yourself.” After daily fights with myself of building up the guts to tell her to break up, destiny favored my luck.

“I’m sorry Amy. You’re not my type.”

“What? What do you mean?” asked my love Amy to her Love of life.

“I hate your dress up. I hate how you do your hair. I hate your hobbies. Who the hell likes sewing in these days?”

“I don’t understand Derek. You mean all these months with you were nothing but a joke?”

“A joke is worth moments of laughter. Our moments weren’t worth anything.”

And that is how Amy broke up with Derek. It’s common sense that when a person you love is sad, that turns you sad too. But something was surely wrong with me. Because I was happier than anyone else when she broke up. Did I forget to mention that I celebrated this joyous occasion by making myself a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milkshake? Shame on myself. I should have thrown a party.

“It’s been a month Amy. He won’t come back. I think it’s time you move on.”

“I am over him, buddy. It’s just that those memories keep coming back to me.”

“I am really bad at this, but I got to give it a shot.”

“Give what a shot?”

That moment, I inhaled and exhaled like a shark. Just like that I was about to ask something to my childhood love which she could have never imagined.

“Will you go on a date with me, Amy?”

I expected a ‘No’ or maybe ‘We’re just friends, Adam.’

“I’d like that Adam.”

I don’t know what to call this phenomenon, where you have trouble differentiating between dreams and reality. Let’s just call it hallucination. I was hallucinating maybe, because if Amy wasn’t Derek’s type, she wasn’t my type way more.

“This means so much to me…” I was saying before she kept her hands on my lips.

“Don’t. You’ll ruin it.” Amy said.

Amy told me she would go on a date with me, but not now. I had to wait a month. She was going to this fashion designing camp, where she would learn more about her field of interest.

“I can wait forever Amy.”

“We both know that’s not true dumbo.” She said while laughing.

Though it travelled like the speed of light, that one month seemed like a journey of a turtle to me. Every single day I woke up thinking that our date day is coming closer, and my dreams would come true. Every single night I slept thinking that time would run faster. Every heartbeat seemed like an eternity full of fidgety moonlight to me.

In that one month, she changed a lot. Her attitude turned haughtier, her way of talking to me changed. No wonder she turned like this. Her next text message explained all these.

“Adam, I’m back with Derek.”

If she said this to me a few months back, I wouldn’t have cried. Why give false expectations to someone and take it away? She was victorious on her mission. Or I would say, she was victorious on teaching cupid on ‘How to break a heart.’

Hello my name is Amy. I complain about my hideous, irksome boyfriend to my best friend Adam. Derek treats me like shit, makes me do somatically inapt stuff, and at the end of the day, tells me about how I am a boring loser. But since I believe in fairy tales, I will love him. I love how he picks his dirty nose with his finger. I love how his dandruff falls on his face like scented slow flakes. His body hair is so perfect, that I become smothered with affection every time I hug him and upload our photos on Facebook with the caption, ‘Please Pray for us.’ I am a she-devil and I broke Adam’s heart. Come on he’s human! He’ll get over it! But I can’t ever get over Derek. Cause I’m his ‘baby angel.’

The worst part is pretending. Pretending that you are over her, and you are cool with going back to being friends. After two months, Amy came home to know how I was doing.

I wasn’t expecting her. I wasn’t expecting her to show up with that alluring face of hers and a greeting hug. They say, that poison becomes more poisonous as days pass by. Just like that, she turns more attractive to me as days pass by. But I would never forgive her for breaking my heart.

“Why are you ignoring me, Adam?”

“I’m not. I am ignoring myself. I am ignoring my feelings and memories that I am still holding onto.”

“I’m sorry. But I can make it up to you.”

“If making it up to me was so easy, why shoot an arrow in my heart every day and scatter this broken heart into pieces?”

“Shut up I don’t have time for all these cheesy shits. Just put this t-shirt on. I sewed this for you.”

I wanted her to go away from here as fast as possible, so I did as she said.

“What is this t-shirt? It doesn’t make any sense. 3M HTIW- what is this?”

“Adam. Go in front of the mirror.”

Broken hearts can be healed. Just like a dead body mixes with soil, and becomes more robust now that it’s part of the soil, hearts can turn up to become stronger too.

I looked in the mirror and read the words that were sewed in my t-shirt that she made.

‘Adam, will you go on a date with me?’