It takes two coats of the terracotta blush to hide that bruise
The bruise that I indulgently incur but which you might call abuse.
Please do not judge him
This is not what it seems.
Love and lots of it was there days and nights
But then one day it took a distant flight.

Suddenly the right moments were hard to find
Dates and special nights began to slip off his mind.
He’d say, “It’s all because of the stress at workplace
Please don’t overreact and stop giving that sad gaze”
But honey, love was constant and patient you said
Like the soft humming sound the ocean water silently made.

Then what made love so coldly distant and forgetful?
Why has love grown so painfully occasional and pitiful?
As occasional as your love for me in my red silk tops deems
As painful as your oblivion to my miserable nights and dreams.
Sorry I started off again with all my mundane bellow
Even though you retold my words are no longer as mellow
But what do I do with these increasingly you-less days and nights?
How do I get over all these quotidian aching fights?
Wish you’d tell how I’d stop hating your liquor for so cruelly replacing me
Wish you’d know how scared I’d be when you wanted to be freed from me.
Your resounding screams at my adhesion was love I know
Your first slap on my right cheek was a small accident I know.

The red marks I can conceal in an instant don’t worry
Just wish you’d suggest sth for this searing heartbreaking spree.
Cause baby I’m still as hopelessly and ardently in love as I’d always been
And your soft touch yet seems to be running ceaselessly under my skin.
Even though your beatings rose to be more regular than morning kisses
Even though you ruthlessly wanted to mute me pushing from bridges.
I know I know but I must focus on the love; love, love, love, luv, lus…
Love is blind, love is tough, love is painful, love is rough, love is lus..t..

You are right, love is overrated, superficial and quixotic.
B-but I am too drowned in love to open eyes to this reality prick.
You are here, you are close; so what if through tortures and abuse?
You are love and you are right; so what if at times so you would refuse?
So what if your kicks would hurl hard right below my abdomen?
So what if your relentless fierce punches would leave me awoken?
Hushh shhh shhh he’s just a bit angry – too angry to notice me
Too angry to remember that I loved him with the last bit of my being.
You won’t understand; this is called love – undying, irreversible and everlasting
Unlike his daily violent assaults – impromptu, inadvertent and fleeting.
I know I know but I must focus on the love; love, love, love, luv, lus…
Love is blind, love is tough, love is painful, love is rough, love is lus..t..

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Amid all the escalating negativity, violence and oppression, I still see love, peace and happiness calling out to me. And my faith of Divinity and love of family impels me to pursue that which not only leaves a mark on the face of this earth, but also outreaches tower of the heaven.