Tutorial — Flock Team Messenger


Done for English Assignment
Prepared By:
Team Technocrats

Team Members Names and Roll Numbers:
Fahim Shahriar Tasnim – 24
Azman Anju Khan Chowdhury – 34 (Team Leader)
Ahmed Rezaul Fayaz – 70
Mohammad Arefin Chowdhury – 98
Anika Noraisha Shamim – 102

Website / App: Flock — The #1 Team Messenger

Video Link: https://youtu.be/4Ua6rDkJoOw

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Azman Anju Khan Chowdhury was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied in Mastermind School from Play Group to Grade 9. He completed his O-Levels from St. Peter’s School of London. He is currently studying Edexcel A-Levels (Advanced Level) in St. Peter’s School of London. Azman founded Durnibar Foundation in 2012, a youth-based non-profit organization, and since it was founded he is leading it as the General Secretary. Azman achieved Black Belt Second Dan in Taekwondo in 2014 and is currently working as an instructor under Bangladesh Taekwondo Federation (BTF). He has international prizes in Taekwondo competitions, the best being a Gold Medal in The World Taekwondo Hanmadang 2014, which was held in Pohang, Korea in August 2014. Azman works as the Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Executive at Fajr – Lifestyle Magazine since March 2016 where he builds up good relationships with customers, sponsors and helps to increase sales. He leads a team of PR officers there. Azman considers writing not as part of the category of “free time,” but rather subsumed into the larger category of “more important than homework.” This conclusion often results in midnight epiphanies and writing-hungover days, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything. He writes for SHOUT, a magazine of The Daily Star newspaper in Dhaka, and serves as the features editor of the student-run magazine at his school. Azman enjoys reading most things, even the backs of cereal boxes, and drawing on most things, such as napkins or important forms. He loves to run, bike, write, read, photograph, travel, and explore, always armed with curiosity and too many semicolons. Azman has considerable leadership, management, programming experience gained over the past decade.