It will never allow us to give up
Even if the obstacles are too big
Even if the people give us a dig

Do we deserve this agony?
No but life is unfair
That feeling makes us strong enough to handle the agony

It can make us one of the greats
It can allow us to absorb the pains and pressures
It can allow us to complete actions

It can lift our spirits
It can translate our dreams into realities
It can make us busy bees

It never abandons us
It can build new roads for us
It is treated like a member of the core family of happiness

It lives in our minds and bodies
It sings without lyrics and never stops
It enlightens our world in the darkness

It differentiates us from machines
It does not let our sufferings be meaningless
It pulls us out of sadness

It surrounds us and whirls around us
It sustains us on our journeys which are dangerous
It is a miracle that this feeling has always stayed with us

There were many big things which happened in the past
There are many big things which will happen in the future
This feeling inside us is the biggest thing which happened to us