You can only hold onto your dreams as long as the foundations of it are strong. Once a part of it crumbles, it disintegrates. It’s sad that what you dream is not someone else’s dream. We live in a society where people don’t have time for anyone else. We are so busy chasing our dreams that we forget that sometimes for a strong foundation, we need sacrifices. Not every dream has to come true. Sometimes one cannot make their dreams come true while the other person has it all right. It’s just…it’s just that it’s not fair. It’s not fair that one person has to suffer while the other person gets to move on, eventually. One person’s dream is what breaks the other person.

Maybe, you go past it. Maybe, you wait. Not everybody can. But you can and then you realize that the other person can’t. They say life is full of opportunities. I disagree. How is it opportunity when your hopes go up to be crushed eventually? Love isn’t a feeling that transpires within a sequence. It’s a feeling that builds up. And then one day, you realize that you are grown up now and you really don’t have much time. One moment you are happy and feeling optimistic. The next moment you are on the airport watching the love of your life going away. You promise that it will all be okay. You promise that it will all be fine. But it turns out she is a realist. And it really isn’t fine.

A few months in, the distance breaks in. She can’t find time. You can’t manage to skype once, this time because you are actually busy not lazy. True love comes only once. And falling in love with the person of your dreams is a feat only very few people manage to achieve. But once you do and then see that it’s because of you and your mess ups that it might falter. The feeling of regret that pours down your throat with every drink. The shambles of your destiny blowing away with every joint burned.

Welcome to reality. Welcome to life. Welcome to the life of sadness. Welcome to the life where you mess up and you can’t really manage to fix it. Welcome to the life where you are willing to do anything to save that dream you once had. The perfect dream.

I will, I know I will. Maybe, I will fail. Maybe, destiny didn’t write happiness in my tale. But, I will. Just like every other hopeless lover who didn’t give up, I will not fail. And if you are reading this, do know this no matter where we end up, I will come back to you. I will work the distance with you. I will. I love you. And I will always love you.