Gathering my vague self
I give my soul to you
I’ve never felt this feeling before
But it feels good to be with you.

The promises you made,
The promises you kept,
All of them were a reminder of your love.
Nothing ever made me feel this way
Thanks for always putting a smile on my face.
How much I longed when you weren’t here
But I somehow managed to pass that phase.

Having you by my side for 6 years
Made me realize the feelings behind those tears
Even when people told me you were a mistake
I knew you were the one who’d make me the happiest.

We had our ups and down
But it only made us stronger.
Helping us to come all this way
All this way to right now where we are.

I had never regretted one second of being with you
All those smiles and tears you gave and shared
I can proudly tell you
Those were the best moments I had.

Now that you are in front of me
Kneeling down with a small box in your hand and a smile on your face
I can say with all my heart,
You’ll be the only one to ever make my heart race.
And now that I’m about to say “Yes” and commit
I tell you with all of my being
I love you more than anyone ever will.

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Hi I'm Mooshda. I'm not really a narcissist so can't say much about myself. But I know that I'm optimistic and cheerful. I'm pretty much tired and sleepy all the time. And sometimes I spend my whole day watching animes, dramas or sleeping, and hearing my parents sighing for having a kid like me. I'm lazy like a panda but hardworking like.... I've no clue. I yawn all the time. I can't live without my chocolates. They are my life. Keep your eyes off of them because they belong to me. And I hate shopping.


  1. I was kinda awestruck seeing a piece of writing like this from you. Good job, keep up the pleasant works. 😀
    Eagerly waiting for the next piece.