Bob sat at the table in his school canteen munching on the sandwich he snatched from the kid beside him. He extended his leg and the boy who was passing by tripped over his foot and fell with a thud. The bottle of orange juice he was carrying spilled over the floor. Bob guffawed at the scene.

Bob was a twelve year old boy. Unlike the stereotypical bullies, he was of average height. He had strong limbs which were long and looked disproportionate with his body. His face was round and his black hair fell gently on his forehead. He was a loner who liked to pick on his classmates and juniors.

After school he walked home, which was always empty at this time. Both his parents worked from morning and returned home at night. Bob opened the fridge and found some leftover chicken from the previous night, which he had for lunch. He stayed all by himself the entire day, playing video games, doing his homework. He had a ps4 and a huge collection of games. His parents couldn’t give him their time, for which they tried to compensate with things.

It was quarter to nine; Bob was playing Battlefield 1 when he heard the shattering sound of glass. His father was shouting, words he couldn’t make out clearly. He also heard his mother yell to the point her voice cracked. He turned up the volume and continued to play.

Bob’s parents fought every night. It was surprising when they didn’t disagree on an issue. He didn’t understand why they disliked each other so much. He thought maybe it was because they didn’t spend much time with each other. The next day he told his parents he wanted to go out for dinner. No matter what problems they had with each other, there was no doubt that they loved Bob very much.

That weekend they reserved three seats in an Italian restaurant. In a long time, for the very first time that night, Bob saw his mother smile at his father’s joke. His parent’s ordered their favourite dishes, which they seemed to have decided a long time back. They had met in this restaurant 15 years ago. It made Bob happy to see his parent’s reminisce and feel happy in each other’s company. It was the best day in his life.

Next day it was the same again. There was no warmth in their voice when they talked to each other. Everything his dad said irritated his mom. Bob quickly finished dinner and went to his room. Bob felt guilty for not being able to set things right between his parents. He felt helpless when they screamed their lungs out and he sat in his room playing video games. To feel in control of his life, he bullied his classmates. Seeing them afraid of him made him feel powerful. He felt satisfied controlling other kids, thus he was known as Bob the bully.

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