Sitting in the dark I look at myself
My dark soul is all I can see.
Thinking about the things I always do
Depression is the only thing I feel.
Breathing in the same air as everyone else
Desperation is the only thing that consumes me.
Thinking back into the past and my future
Regret is the only thing that fills my being.
What have I been doing?
What am I still doing?
‘Nothing’, is all that comes out of my mouth.
Even after all the failures I still try again
I still try again only to fail once more.
And I fail once more only to try once again.
‘It’ll get better’ is all I can say
Giving me the courage to live another day.

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Hi I'm Mooshda. I'm not really a narcissist so can't say much about myself. But I know that I'm optimistic and cheerful. I'm pretty much tired and sleepy all the time. And sometimes I spend my whole day watching animes, dramas or sleeping, and hearing my parents sighing for having a kid like me. I'm lazy like a panda but hardworking like.... I've no clue. I yawn all the time. I can't live without my chocolates. They are my life. Keep your eyes off of them because they belong to me. And I hate shopping.