“Oh, he’s so gullible.” Elaine thought to herself as Jordan stitched her cut up, like every other day. She would come back home late every night. With wounds and bruises all over her body. He never really pushed her to say why she had them. She was quick on her feet, though. She always had stories up her sleeves. So, if Jordan asked what had happened which he rarely did, she knew what to say. But the stories were vague and terse which made Jordan lose interest to know eventually.

Jordan and Elaine had been roommates for roughly a month now. The stories she fed him always made him think that she was an alcoholic. Sometimes she would jump over the fences because she forgot her keys or fall down the staircase or walk into a pole. But these tales were, at the end of the day, just made up. It was how it went on. One day, one bright and sunny day, the newspaper came in. The headlines – “E saves the city” as usual. You guessed it. E is Elaine. Her identity, of course, hid under a green mask. At the same time, she worked as a waitress at Mugs. Yes, a waitress at day and a superhero by night.

That night, she came home after hours only to find the apartment empty. Jordan was nowhere to be seen. She was looking all around the neighbourhood when she heard someone shout, “Help, E!” She ripped her clothes off to her suit underneath and put her mask on. She ran towards the sound. A teenage boy was badly hurt. Jacksalot, the mastermind of evil, was back at it again throwing his Flames around town. The boy was the victim of the fire.

E rushed to the site with her quixotic speed to finish this game, once and for all. “You have to end this, Jacksalot.” said E. “Maybe I will end you, E.” Jacksalot replied striking her with his most powerful Flame. And missed. He fled before she could attack back. Despite that, she smiled with immense happiness to see the firefighters carrying everyone out alive.

She went back home. Jordan was sitting on the couch, waiting for her. “Where were you, Elaine?” he asked in a mysterious tone. – “Where the hell were you, Jordan? I was looking around, worried sick.” – “I asked first.” Nonplussed, this time strangely, she could not find a way to phrase an explanation when finally Jordan interrupted her, “My Flame missed you by an inch.”

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