Friends come and go
But I’m proud to say that you’re still here.
When I was a year old you came into my life
Making me the cheerful person I am now
We’ve been best friends since you were born
And even after 17 years
We’re still the way we were then
You came to this family as my cousin
But became the best friend I could never have lived without
Thank you for listening to me all these years
Thank you for lending me your shoulder when I cried
Thank you for making me smile when I was sad
Thank you for loving me unconditionally
Thank you for cheering me up when I lost
Thank you for loving me at my best and my worst
Thank you for always being there for me
Thank you for enduring
Thank you for everything.
Please always be by my side
I love you my sister
I love you best friend.


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Hi I'm Mooshda. I'm not really a narcissist so can't say much about myself. But I know that I'm optimistic and cheerful. I'm pretty much tired and sleepy all the time. And sometimes I spend my whole day watching animes, dramas or sleeping, and hearing my parents sighing for having a kid like me. I'm lazy like a panda but hardworking like.... I've no clue. I yawn all the time. I can't live without my chocolates. They are my life. Keep your eyes off of them because they belong to me. And I hate shopping.