Detective Shabuj Matin was in a complete dilemma. He doubted the future of his career. Not only he faltered his job, but his financial struggles put him in a sense of desolation. Shabuj decided to give it one last try. He took one of the cases that nobody dared to solve. As ninny was his thoughts, he never gave it a thought about why nobody solved the case of Rokeya Karim. Rokeya Karim’s son, Ashraf was missing. After not finding any evidence of his existence, the police department declared him dead. Soon afterwards, Rokeya Karim turned out to be mentally unstable. She was inside the asylum for a year. Noone was said to visit her after that.

Shabuj rang the bell. An old lady, dressed in yellow saree, opened the door.

“Assalamu Alaikum. Is this Mrs. Karim’s place?”
“Yes this is.”
“I’m detective Shabuj Matin. I came here to talk about your son.”
“Please get in. Take a seat.”

The place was very tidy. All the furnitures were clean and shiny. Shabuj was alone in the living room as Rokeya asked him to wait. Shabuj secretly got up and entered the room beside, which was Ashraf’s room. He got curious to get inside the room because of the picture hanging inside Ashraf’s room.

Ashraf’s room looked beautiful. His bed was just a bit messy. The pillows were a bit pushed inside.

“Ashraf doesn’t want me to clean his room up,” Rokeya spoke from behind.
“Oh I was just checking out…”
“It’s okay. Follow me to the table.”

Shabuj got a bit nervous as Rokeya came from behind.

“Did she think of me as some robber?”, Shabuj thought.

The dinner table was full of food. Fried rice, boiled eggs, and tuna fish built up the wonderful smell.

“Mrs. Karim. I’m sorry to be a trouble. I did not suppose you’d make all these…”
“No no it’s completely okay. Ashraf would come home soon, so I made all these for him too.”

This lady is insane, as I expected. Maybe she didn’t recover yet from her loss.

Shabuj started eating. Though it was a bit weird,it was one of the best meals of his life. Rokeya served Kheer afterwards as dessert.

“Now tell me what you have to talk about my son.”

Shabuj’s mouth was full of Kheer. He smiled big with his cheeks all puffy.

“It’s okay detective, tell me about it later.”

It all seemed a lot strange to Shabuj. This lady doesn’t even know Shabuj properly, and she let him enter the house and without even talking about the main topic, she served him dinner.

Shabuj finished his dessert. His phone rang.

“Detective Shabuj Matin speaking.”
“Mr. Matin! I’ve been trying to reach you for so long! This is Detective Ghosh speaking.”
“Ghosh…Maybe you could not reach me because of the bad signal here.”
“Here? Where?”
“I came over to Mrs. Karim’s place to talk about her son.” Shabuj’s voice lowered a little as he whispered into the phone, “I want to solve the case of why her son is missing.”

There was an awkward silence. After several seconds, Ghosh screamed.

“What? Are you nuts? Why would you do that?”

Shabuj smiled at Mrs. Karim, got up, and said to her, “Excuse me.”

Then he continued the conversation.

“What’s wrong?”
“You could have asked me before solving the case! Nobody wants to solve that case, you fool!”
“Because whoever goes into the house of that lady, comes out insane.”
“Detective Ghosh. I know she’s insane. Infact, I am dealing with her insanity at the moment. But listen, no one can ever turn my mentality or my beliefs around. Her son is missing, and I will solve the case.”

Shabuj disconnected the call.

After 2 hours

Detective Ghosh’s door bell rang. Ghosh’s brother Dutta opened the door.

“Come in brother. What brings you so late?”
“I’m so sorry to bother, but I couldn’t help myself from surprising your brother.
“Brother is in his room.”

Ghosh’s door opened as Shabuj got in. Ghosh was almost asleep. Shabuj was standing right behind Ghosh’s backside.

“Detective! I did the impossible! Wake up!”

Ghosh opened his eyes and looked at the mirror that was in front of him. It reflected Shabuj’s image.

“Look! Ashraf came home! He’s right beside me. I will tell you the story of how he got missing but at first look!”

Ghosh took the pair of spectacles beside his pillow and put it on. Then he turned to Shabuj. Ghosh was shocked. There was no one beside Shabuj.

As per the myth, whoever went inside that house, surely came out insane.


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