You were always there for me
Cheering me up when I was sad
Making me smile when I was depressed
Making me sigh of relief
When I was stressed
Making me thankful for having you by my side
I never took you for granted.
But then that morning
When I saw your lifeless body lying next to me
I felt like someone was crushing my insides with a hammer
The pain was immeasurable
It wouldn’t go away
It still doesn’t.
He was only a month old when I got him
I raised him, my baby.
I didn’t know if I could ever move on
I still don’t.
But the thought of him not being there for me
Not being there when I come home
Not chasing me wherever I go
Not calling me when he’s hungry
Not purring when sleeping on my lap-
Just breaks me.
It crushes my insides, it engulfs me with tears.
A friend once told me
To take my time and grieve for my baby
Cry as much as I want.
I did and it still doesn’t stop.
Even if no one understands my pain
I will always love you
And bear you in my heart
And never forget the things you did
Even if you were just a cat
You did wonders in my life
And I can never thank you enough for that.
I love you
My dear baby cat.

~In the loving memories of my friend’s cat- Muffin~

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