The Limited Horizons


All day I bore you with my stale sounds
But you never become bored; instead enjoy each of my gestures
As you lift me up I notice the fake dimples despite your back pain
Because you want it all to be an adventure

I wake you up in the middle of the night
You wake up from your sleep to make sure I’m not famished
Without getting annoyed even a bit from my cry
You make sure my tears are vanished

You’re the first face I see at the start of my day
You’re the last face I see before it ends
Starting from changing diapers to playing toys with me
You make sure you’re indeed my best friend

My horizons are limited with restricted stuff
But you always make it seem like nothing’s missing
One day mother, when I grow up to make you happy,
I’ll make sure to make your life the most pleasing

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Rafeed Elahi is a football lover, a movie adherent, and a writer by passion.