19th of April, 2017
9:30 PM

Her comely pair of eyes
Her lips glowing with disguise
Her chin portraying sublimity
With a glance at her lashes you hope for serendipity

The Facebook messenger head popped up on Latika’s phone. Latika tapped on that head to read the message. She could not hold herself back from weeping a river. Latika threw her phone against the wall with great brawn. Her phone broke into pieces, and the display screen shattered on the floor. She tied the rope around her neck. With a small force she kicked the chair that was supporting her. That was it. She was hanging. Suicide. Suicide. Suicide.

22nd of August, 2017
4:32 AM

Her comely pair of eyes
Her lips glowing with disguise
Her chin portraying sublimity
With a glance at her lashes you hope for serendipity

That same messenger head. The same pair of eyes. Her face was not the only face that Latika saw before her death, but for Kunal too. Kunal had never felt so feeble. In defiance of having those muscles, those killer looks, he could not help himself. Kunal looked at the picture of his parents he had on his wall.
“I’m sorry Papa. I’m sorry Ma. It is not all my fault. It is because of that ****! Her beauty is not real! It’s all sorcery! I wish I had any other options. Now I cannot grow up and study abroad. Now I cannot be the Kunal you wanted to see. I am sorry. Forgive me.” He kept screaming.
“Kunal? Why are you shouting? Is everything okay?” his elder brother knocked his door.
“Leave me alone! It’s none of your business!” Kunal replied with wrath.
He took his phone, and looked at the same face Latika saw before her death. He tapped on the messenger head to see her message for one more time. He bit his lips with tears wetting the phone screen. Kunal threw the phone on his parent’s photo. He took one of the broken pieces of glass, and slit his wrists before it sprayed a pond of blood. That was it. Suicide. Suicide. Suicide.

2 weeks later
“We have tried our best. All we could retrieve was the picture you told us about. Is this her?” Inspector Abhishek showed Karan the phone.
“Yes. This is her. This is that ***** that killed my brother Kunal.”
“I have searched our database system. This is a fake account. The real account is of another girl, named Aparna Bose. Someone used her photos and had conversations with Kunal. Did Kunal have any enemies?”
“No way! Everyone loved Kunal! He was good looking, and caring. I can’t believe someone would ever harm him!”
“How can you be so sure that this very fake account has threatened Kunal or said something that caused him to do this?”
“Minutes before he did this, he were shouting. I asked him if anything was wrong, but he screamed back at me. I opened his door a little bit, without making noise, curious about what made my little brother shout. I saw him looking at this same face and crying. Kunal has a habit of throwing and breaking things. He doesn’t have a habit of picking a piece of glass up and…” Karan broke down.

Inspector Abhishek asphyxiated while being covered by a ship of thoughts. He was drowning into the pool of blood; not his but Kunal’s. He promised Karan that he would find out who did this. Seconds passed like minutes and minutes passed like hours, but he had no clue of how to solve the case. His so-called IT team could not even hack into Kunal’s phone to find out what happened. The more time passed, the more troubled he became. Suddenly something popped into his head. He went to visit Senior Inspector Varun Singh, at the hospital. He knocked the door of the room Varun Singh was staying in.
“Mr. Singh couldn’t stop me from stepping into the hospital. I was visiting this park nearby so thought of visiting you. How are you doing?” he asked.
“He can now respond while moving his fingers. Doing better.” The bodyguard of Singh said.
“So you got shot on your mouth that hit your tongue? You kind of lost your tongue forever?”
“What kind of question is this? Why would you even ask him something like this?” the bodyguard turned furious.
“The thugs who shot you that night…what were they like?” Abhishek kept on asking while Singh’s bodyguard was getting ready to push him out of the room. Inspector Varun Singh lay with the same posture, with his sleepy eyes and bored expression face. Inspector Abhishek took out his phone and showed Varun Singh something. Inspector Varun Singh’s eyes opened wide open as he started shaking after looking at Abhishek’s phone. It was the same picture.
Her comely pair of eyes
Her lips glowing with disguise
Her chin portraying sublimity
With a glance at her lashes you hope for serendipity
The monitor started beeping as Inspector Varun Singh’s heartbeat kept on fluctuating at an unexpected rate.
“What are you doing, sir? Stop, immediately! I’ll have to call the police!” His bodyguard screamed.
“If you say one more word, you’ll turn out tongue-less like your boss.” Abhishek then turned to Varun Singh, who was shaking with fear.
“What’s her name? Aparna Bose?” Inspector Abhishek asked. Inspector Varun Singh moved his fingers up and down.

Next Day

Inspector Abhishek knocked the door. A girl of around 20 years old opened the door.
“Does Aparna Bose live here?”
“Yes, I am Aparna. How can I help you?”
“I am Inspector Abhishek Kumar. Don’t worry; I am here to have a conversation regarding a murder that took place.”
“Come in, Inspector Abhishek.”
Abhishek was seated on the living room sofa of the house.
“Nobody’s home?”
“My parents just went out for shopping. Tell me what you want to know.”
“I wanted to know about Priya Kapoor. Do you know her?”
“No I’ve never heard of her.”
Abhishek Kumar took out his phone and showed ‘that’ photo to her. “This is Priya Kapoor.”
“But Inspector, this is my photo…I don’t understand” Aparna told him.
“Ehh! What nonsense!” Abhishek laughed and continued, “This is Priya Kapoor. Goes to Hyderabad Girl’s School.”
“I don’t go to Hyderabad girl’s school!” she replied as fast as she could.
“Her best friend’s name is Layla Chakroborty”
“My best friend’s name is not Layla Chakroborty!”
“Her father, who works at an insurance company, is Rohan Kapoor”
“My father’s name is not Rohan Kapoor!”
“Her boyfriend’s name is Karan Laxman”
“My boyfriend’s name is not Kunal Laxman!”

An awkward silence spiced up the environment. Inspector Abhishek’s belly vibrated as he laughed weirdly, with a low voice. He started clapping his hands really loud. Aparna’s face turned red. She had said something out loud while speaking really fast.
“Do you know what’s funny? Her boyfriend’s name is Karan, not Kunal. Do you know what’s funnier? You don’t know who Priya Kapoor is, but you know her boyfriend!” He started laughing like a monster.
“I still remember that day, 19th of April.” Aparna started speaking before Abhishek said another word. She continued, “Latika, my best friend, my life, my everything was talking to me. A few days earlier she was really excited to get gifts from her boyfriend, Kunal Laxman. They had been dating for three months. On that darkest night of my life, she called me. She was…she was crying…Kunal asked her to marry him. When she told him that her father wouldn’t agree to get her married at such an young age, he threatened her with one of her uncovered picture. Her only mistake was to trust a snake like him! I promised her that I would not tell anybody regarding this matter. But she never told me that she was leaving me forever! I messaged her on Facebook Messenger for one last time, and requested her to talk to me. She did see my message, as my phone showed that my message was ‘seen’ by her. But she didn’t reply…I broke my curfew and drove to her house with books. I told her mother that we were supposed to do homework together. I followed her mother to Latika’s room, and…she was…” Aparna cried her heart out loud.
Inspector Abhishek Kumar held her hand, and hugged her.
“Beta, it’s okay. I am not any ordinary policeman. I have a daughter of your age. I promise I will not do anything that I will be ashamed of. Now stay calm, and tell me what happened later.”
Aparna rubbed her eyes with her arms. She kept quiet for a minute or two, and then continued, “One month later, I opened a fake Facebook account, with the name – ‘Priya Kapoor’. I know how perverted Kunal is. I was right. He accepted my friend request without even knowing me. You know what? He never even knew Latika. How come he never knew that I am Latika’s best friend? Because he didn’t care about what Latika loved from inside. Instead, he always thought of getting those bare explicit photos from her!” Aparna again broke down.
“If you don’t stay strong, and tell me, how can I help you, beta?”
“Then….then…he proposed me. We were ‘dating’. I sent him selfies with whatever pose he wanted. Sometimes with a pout, sometimes with my tongue open. Before he could ask for my uncovered photos, I asked them from him.”

18th of August, 2017

Kunal was chatting his girlfriend, Priya.

Priya: Come on! I am feeling so warm! Show me!
Kunal: Not unless you show me something 😉 Ladies first
Priya: Not fair! You first. Or I am never meeting you.
Kunal: This online relationship needs to turn real! You need to meet me! We are dating for months and never met each other in real life!
Priya: You know what will get me to meet you 😉
Kunal: Alright baby what do you want?

Priya was slowly stepping towards victory. She typed “I want your mortem. I want your dead body” and erased those words. “I want your baton” she sent him.


“And then he sent you his unclothed picture of his part?” Inspected Abhishek asked.
“Yes Inspector.”
“So later you blackmailed him with that?”
“I told him that I would send this picture to his parents. When he asked why I would do such a thing, I told him about Latika. Kunal cared for his parents more than anything. In the war of a loving family and oneself, family wins. In the war of revenge and forgiveness, revenge wins. In the war of a shameful life without his parents and a painful mortem, mortem wins. I knew that his weakness was his family.”
“What happened to Inspector Varun Singh?”
“He threatened me. That corrupt piece of shit knew my Facebook ID and started talking to me. I did not want to raise doubts, so I kept talking to him. Varun later video-called me and told me that if I don’t act erotic with him, he will send over a team to arrest me. I started talking dirty at first, but later I noticed a picture of him and his toddler son on his Facebook profile. That was it. Another weakness. I told him that I was recording every single thing and that I would release this clip on the internet. Varun was not afraid of the media. He was afraid that his baby would grow up to know what a bad person his father is, and hate him. Later, according to my words, he shot himself from the side-cheek and the bullet hit his tongue.”
“Were you recording, in reality?”
“No I was not.”
“Beta, I would have done something as this is pure murder. Sometimes, to defeat injustice, you have to break the rules. I don’t blame you. What you did was right, and every girl in the world should have guts like you. I am proud of you. I will make something up to Karan Laxman and dissolve this case. But promise me one thing. Not a single more mortem, okay? Next time something happens, call me.”

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