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Hope you are doing great! We are very much looking forward to your writings. Please don’t forget the title and the byline. We highly appreciate real identities. We will go through your writing to correct any errors.

Classify your writings according to the categories given below:
Architecture Adventure Album Review
Art Drama Anime Review
Business Fantasy App Review
Health & Fitness Feminism Book Review
How to Fiction Food Review
Knowledge Bank Horror Gadget Review
Miscellaneous Humour Game Review
People (Fashion) Micro-Tales Movie Review
Recipes Mystery
Science Non-fiction
Tech Romance
Travel Science Fiction


Just a short reminder about the word limit, please do not forget to mention it. The word limits are:
stories/articles: 600 to 1050, reviews: 550 to 750, poetry: 150 to 500 words.

Submit your writing(s) below in Word Document File(s) by attachment.

Content should be yours. Not rephrased, copied, or similar to any idea which is previously there.

TLDR: Be original. All submitted entries are verified, so don’t embarrass yourself by sending copied content.

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